FAQs About NCF

Q: I’m a Christian and a nurse, but I’ve never heard of NCF. What can you tell me?

A: Since 1948, Nurses Christian Fellowship has partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship with a vision to see nurses, students and faculty transformed by Jesus Christ to live out his world-changing purposes in their lives. NCF provides staff mentoring, Bible studies and resources to help nurses and students grow in their faith, develop as leaders, and view nursing from a Christian, biblical perspective. In addition to local chapters, NCF offers membership in a professional nursing organization and Journal of Christian Nursing.

Q: What are NCF groups like?

A: Local groups, or NCF chapters, differ widely but their common purpose is to provide an authentic community that witnesses to the power of Jesus Christ to change people’s lives through forgiveness, hope and reconciliation. The professional nurse groups provide a Christian community of prayer, Bible study and outreach to others. On campus, nursing students come together to study the Bible, explore how to follow Jesus in life and nursing, and offer the love of Jesus to their classmates and faculty. Look for an NCF group in your area.

Q: Do you give scholarships?

A: No, NCF does not offer scholarships for students attending nursing school. We occasionally offer scholarships for conferences or training events sponsored by NCF or InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Q: What is the difference between being an NCF member and being part of a local group?

Anyone can be part of a local NCF group to connect with other nurses and share your spiritual journeys through Bible studies, prayer, and outreach or service programs. Sometimes people refer to themselves as a “member” of an NCF group or chapter. Nurses can also attend national events like Journal Club.

Being an NCF member can also mean joining the NCF professional nursing organization. Professional membership is on an individual basis for all nursing students, educators and nurses. Like other professional organizations, there is an annual membership fee which includes a subscription to the Journal of Christian Nursing, CE discounts and other benefits. An NCF membership can qualify as a magnet model component in magnet hospital systems.

Q: How is NCF funded?

A: Nurses Christian Fellowship is a donor-supported ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Our dedicated staff members raise full financial support with a team of ministry partners who will encourage them and pray for God’s work among nurses, nursing students and faculty. Learn more about NCF ministry and how you can give to NCF.

Q: How do I give a Memorial gift or a gift in honor of a nurse?

A: Giving a gift to NCF in memory or honor of a nurse is a wonderful legacy.

If you go to givetoiv.org/NCF, you can donate to the general NCF fund or, if you enter “NCF” into the search box, there is a breakdown of various funds, such as student ministry, growth, or specific staff members, to which you could give.

At this time there is no way to specify that this is a memorial gift or honorarium, so please contact NCF to let us know your wishes and we would be happy to send a note to the family or person, letting them know that you have given a memorial/honor gift in their name. We would just need the name of the person being recognized and the appropriate contact name and address information.

Q: Are there guidelines for using the NCF name and logo?

A: Many groups use "Nurses Christian Fellowship" as part of their chapter name for greater name recognition. Nurses Christian Fellowship®, NCF®, and the NCF logo are official NCF trademarks. If your group chooses to use the name "Nurses Christian Fellowship", the acronym "NCF", or the NCF logo in any format, you must follow the NCF name and logo use policy and keep your affiliation with NCF up-to-date. Your use of these names and/or the logo indicate that your chapter shares in the mission of NCF and in its doctrinal basis.  

Please contact NCF for permission for use or questions.