Daily devotional life of Scripture and prayer

Approaching Christmas, here’s how to treasure all the moments of this season, not just the Instagram-worthy, wrapped-up-in-a-bow experiences.

Words of genuine gratitude to the volunteers who serve nursing and NCF.

God sees you and he hears you. This short prayer resonates with each of us at some point, reviving our hope and awareness of God’s nearness.

How does a nurse guard his or her heart, and why is that essential in our ethics and our nursing practice?

Seeking joy is a worthy aim, so how do hardship and suffering make any sense?

Breathing spiritually for a fellow Jesus-follower can renew their calling in Christ.

Short, authentic prayers refocus purpose and presence in a hectic nursing environment.

When our hearts are heavy from grievous events locally and globally, God hears and attends to our prayers.

Darkness can surround and seem to invade us, but our God overcomes the dark and brings us hope.  

In honor of National Nurses Month 2022, Christy Secor shares this prayer for nurses everywhere.