Journal of Christian Nursing

Listening well to my client and to God resulted in a meaningful encounter with a needy pregnant woman.

Spontaneous singing to her resistant patient made all the difference.

The most mundane tasks for a patient sometimes are acts of faithful, God-present nursing care.

Holding the shaking hand of a fearful patient and looking with mercy into the eyes of a desperate person—this is nursing with God-given grace.

The author of restoration has the most excellent plots planned for you and me.

Growing a faith community nursing ministry has wide potential when FCNs strategically seek local partnerships.

Jesus’ model of telling stories to impact hearers’ minds and hearts is a template for nurses as patient educators.

A nurse ethicist offers four theological principles for practice in any religious context.

Would you be willing to pray with a patient if you had more concrete ideas of how to go about it?

The journey of faith in nursing can be facilitated through a combination of discipleship and mentorship.