Journal of Christian Nursing

Many military veterans are nurses who have served in both domestic and foreign posts. These nurses, including those currently on military duty, deserve recognition for their service.

When your workplace or nursing colleagues are caustic or toxic, consider these six practical points for remaining positive.

Nurses have the optimum role model for any leadership role they perform—Jesus. His life exemplifies leadership traits we all can aspire to.

Nurses who care about health equity are powerful advocates for the sometimes invisible people who face numerable barriers to care.

"Are you courageous enough to walk in when others run out?" asks palliative care nurse Carla Adams about the art of caring for patients in distress.


Nurses have great influence in advancing health equity goals and the Gospel of Jesus in our profession.

“Beautiful and choreographed healing” can describe the health of our physical and church bodies when God is involved.

Nurses can change the landscape of mental health, one person at a time, including facing our own mental health needs.

Short, authentic prayers refocus purpose and presence in a hectic nursing environment.

A mother praises nurses who radiated light, joy, and confidence as she navigated her son’s journey with osteosarcoma.