Jesus Works Through Nurses

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Listening well to my client and to God resulted in a meaningful encounter with a needy pregnant woman.

Spontaneous singing to her resistant patient made all the difference.

A providential lunch date was God’s way of matching a skilled nurse with an aging, frail couple.

The most mundane tasks for a patient sometimes are acts of faithful, God-present nursing care.

In times of self-doubt, God uses others to remind us of his purpose for us.

Through telephone triage calls, Jesus uses nurses to extend compassion and much-needed care to patients they may never meet.

A dying woman’s simple faith imprints powerfully on a novice nurse.

Simple actions for a patient sometimes signal significant moments.

Compassion, more than competence, was a mom’s strong desire when her daughter was transported for trauma care with a head injury.

Jesus supplies each thing we need as nurses to care compassionately.