Leadership Resources

We are here for you!

We appreciate our NCF leaders for creating a space for nursing students to know and follow Jesus, and want to support you in that. You are not alone! You are part of a national movement that has resources and guidance to help your chapter grow and thrive. If you would like to connect to discuss starting a chapter on your campus or for a coaching call, email Jen Wojtysiak - NCF Student Ministries Director, or Katharine Provost - Student Ministries Associate Director.

Affiliation Process

NCF student chapters complete the affiliation process annually. Read more.

This is the document detailing the Faculty and Student partnership for an NCF chapter:

Faculty and Student Leader Partner Page

Campus Vitals

If you’re a student leader or Faculty Advisor of an NCF group at your school of nursing, email NCF to receive ministry tips, resources, Bible study guides and other tools for outreach on your campus. View archived issues.

Bible Study Resources

Dig deeper into God's Word and discover how following Jesus can make a difference in your nursing profession. Read more.

Outreach and Recruitment Resources

Expand the reach of your NCF chapter and take advantage of the opportunities to share about student activities and organizations. Read more.

Mentoring New Leaders

Here is a step-by-step guide to identify and develop new leaders for the continuity of your chapter.

Connect with InterVarsity

No NCF group at your school? Find an InterVarsity group and connect with other students to build a growing, witnessing community on your campus. If there are no NCF or InterVarsity chapters near you, contact NCF.