Education & Training

Some patients trigger reactions in our conscious or unconscious selves; the result may harm or hamper proper nursing care.

Nurses and faith communities have voices and power to advocate and act in God’s name for the oppressed in our own neighborhoods and cities.

Nursing students are a harvest field of potential followers of Jesus.

As a Christian college student, I longed to be used by God.

Nurses have the optimum role model for any leadership role they perform—Jesus. His life exemplifies leadership traits we all can aspire to.

Persevering through the imposed reality of virtual meetings, nursing students and faculty are rebuilding in-person connections again in Florida.

A pediatric nurse confronts hard topics that wear down nurses and provides practical spiritual insights to thrive as nurses and individuals.

Transforming our workplaces to nurture rather than hamper students’ and new nurses’ professional flourishing is in our hands, via a Colossians 3 mindset.

Nursing students, faculty advisors, and nurse educators can regain or taste for the first time the other-worldly peace God gives when we make time to listen and respond to him.

From first year students to practicing nurses and experienced educators, each of us needs and benefits from the practice of prayer.