Education & Training

Join NCF in witnessing God's transformative work in nursing schools this year!

Jesus’ model of telling stories to impact hearers’ minds and hearts is a template for nurses as patient educators.

A nurse ethicist offers four theological principles for practice in any religious context.

Readiness to intervene in the instance of potential harm to a patient means following the example of Jesus.

Would you be willing to pray with a patient if you had more concrete ideas of how to go about it?

The journey of faith in nursing can be facilitated through a combination of discipleship and mentorship.

Improving patient care is a continual process. Occasionally, improved care can result from simple changes.

How can our spiritual disciplines improve difficult conversations?

Some patients trigger reactions in our conscious or unconscious selves; the result may harm or hamper proper nursing care.

Nurses and faith communities have voices and power to advocate and act in God’s name for the oppressed in our own neighborhoods and cities.