Spiritual Care

Breathing spiritually for a fellow Jesus-follower can renew their calling in Christ.

Our responses to people faced with an unplanned pregnancy should mirror Christ’s action

Short, authentic prayers refocus purpose and presence in a hectic nursing environment.

How do we express to God the grief, frustration, and helplessness we and our colleagues have endured this year?

Being present, an intervention that can be demonstrated in countless ways, can be life saving.

A devotional outlining the mnemonic HOPE to help to support relationships.

Praying before patient encounters invites God into the interaction, potentially impacting both patient and nurse.

This blog post was originally published by Key Ministry. It is being re-posted with permission of the author, NCF Staff, Skip McDonald.

Holding the shaking hand of a fearful patient and looking with mercy into the eyes of a desperate person—this is nursing with God-given grace.

When a nurse loses her job for giving spiritual care, what can we all learn about ethical caregiving?