Spiritual Formation

We can flourish by opening up to the unknown in this season of darkness and anticipation.


Invite Jesus into your anxiety and mature your prayer practice.


We’re trained to see beyond the physical needs of our patients. Could we also see our colleagues and co-workers from a new angle?

With pain and massive sorrow felt everywhere, we need to lament to the God who listens.

Cultivate a healthy practice of being thankful—and become acutely aware of the liberal lovingkindness of Jesus toward us.

Hectic work and home life plus hard times and weariness can mask the supernatural reality that God is present with us.

Reflecting and meditating on the names of God strengthens and deepens our spiritual rhythms of trust and prayer.

Failures can be creative flourishing opportunities if we give God space to work with us.

Take hold of summer by reflecting, pondering, listening, playing, breathing fully.

Time is perpetually short, particularly when we need to meet with God and hear from him.