Life & Work

Vocational discipleship

Hectic work and home life plus hard times and weariness can mask the supernatural reality that God is present with us.

Mental health and illness remain a stigma even in the life of the church, but we can change that.


The journey of faith in nursing can be facilitated through a combination of discipleship and mentorship.

Hearing aids can reduce your risk of dementia, so why do so few people get and use a hearing aid?

Where is God in the midst of a patient’s intractable pain—or our own suffering?

The ancient practice of hospitality is much alive and needed in our nursing practice today.

How does citizenship in God’s kingdom influence our lives day to day?

Are your feet dragging? Listening and turning toward God can revive your spirit.

A seasoned nurse praises the light and joy a new nurse lavished on a loved one.

How can our spiritual disciplines improve difficult conversations?