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Vocational discipleship

Navigating complex ethical situations requires self-awareness and firm footing based on Jesus’ love.

Hope, buoyed by faith and Christian community, sustains us when mental health is our struggle.

How not to miss out on experiencing the full power of Easter.

Here’s help for nurses when diabetes and other chronic illnesses create emotional and spiritual distress in patients.

Nurses and faith communities have voices and power to advocate and act in God’s name for the oppressed in our own neighborhoods and cities.

Nursing students are a harvest field of potential followers of Jesus.

When nurses give care that is relational, God is present.

Caring for a person’s feet can translate into much needed whole-person care.

A patient’s example of faith bolsters a nurse when death comes close.

Nature as therapy is an evidence-based concept, and nurses would be wise to take advantage of God’s natural wonders.