Christian Nurse Blog

Reviving gratitude is a remarkable means of countering the weariness, sadness or distress our work sometimes provokes in our spirits.

We can understand of God’s Word in an exponentially enhanced way when we read it with people different from ourselves.

Listening well to my client and to God resulted in a meaningful encounter with a needy pregnant woman.

Spontaneous singing to her resistant patient made all the difference.

A providential lunch date was God’s way of matching a skilled nurse with an aging, frail couple.

The most mundane tasks for a patient sometimes are acts of faithful, God-present nursing care.

In times of self-doubt, God uses others to remind us of his purpose for us.

Through telephone triage calls, Jesus uses nurses to extend compassion and much-needed care to patients they may never meet.

Weaving prayer and spiritual rhythms into a nurse’s work day is powerful, impactful, and doable.

A dying woman’s simple faith imprints powerfully on a novice nurse.


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