Christian Nurse Blog

Weaving prayer and spiritual rhythms into a nurse’s work day is powerful, impactful, and doable.

A dying woman’s simple faith imprints powerfully on a novice nurse.

Simple actions for a patient sometimes signal significant moments.

Join NCF in witnessing God's transformative work in nursing schools this year!

Compassion, more than competence, was a mom’s strong desire when her daughter was transported for trauma care with a head injury.

Jesus supplies each thing we need as nurses to care compassionately.

In nursing and in everyday life, each of us needs the warmth and strength of a community to thrive.

A hospice nurse in a remote mountain community offers the most essential treatment to her patient.

Maintaining emotional and spiritual balance depends on a regular diet of God’s Word.

Holding the shaking hand of a fearful patient and looking with mercy into the eyes of a desperate person—this is nursing with God-given grace.


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