Only God can heal and reconcile us to one another, so we pray for ourselves and for wounded nurses of color for whom we desire wholeness and with whom we seek godly reconciliation.

Student nurse groups have flourished and God is evident despite rapid changes on their campuses this spring.

How does God transform us as nurses and followers of Jesus? For this nurse, it’s been via an unplanned, agonizing, and revealing journey.

In their professional practice, nurses must continually be learning and expanding their knowledge, including how to express faith through their work.

An ER nurse averts burnout by connecting with fellow Christian nurses and coaching basketball. 

How does God call us to nursing? And what’s our responsibility for those who are called, but cannot come? 

Nurses’ work may be often unrecognized by those we care for and their loved ones, but the aroma of their Christ-honoring care can create lasting memories. 

Nurses care for others with compassion but we often don't take care of ourselves.

Working in a unit full of coronavirus patients induces stress mixed with thankfulness for a nurse in the thick of the pandemic.

A devotional outlining the mnemonic HOPE to help to support relationships.