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How can nurses run fast enough to keep their footing on the rapid treadmill of digital skills and healthcare knowledge?

Nursing students who attended the 2018 Urbana Missions Conference express how God met them there.

At the beginning of second semester, many student chapters confront the strenuous task of developing future leaders.

A nursing student renews her relationship with Christ and uses her nursing skills at summer camp.

Away from the stress of school, nursing students renew and deepen their spiritual lives in Christ.

Two NCF summer conferences will bring together Christian nurses, nursing students and educators for personal inspiration, professional development and networking.

CBHD conference explores biomedical ethics from a Christian worldview.

Renew your hope in Christ and connect with other nurses by attending the NCFI conference in July 2018.

A nurse educator reflects on a clinical rotation where students experienced the death of a patient.

592017mnIt’s often cold in Minnesota but “Hormones, Health and God” was a hot topic at an April seminar sponsored by NCF Twin Cities and Hosanna Church Called to Care Nurses.