Forging Flourishing Workplaces

As an educator, I’ve witnessed many instances of nursing behavior toward students that are hurried, disengaged, or unfriendly. As a result, I have promised myself that when I work with students, I’ll take a different approach.

I believe it's essential to display patience, including the student in the care process without hurrying through tasks. It matters that I show enthusiasm for these new members of our profession. I want to display kindness and gentleness and meet each student where he or she is, helping these future nurses to meet their goals. I want to demonstrate compassion and humility by seeking answers together and being mindful of how each student is feeling. In sum, I want to display a Colossians 3 mindset and hopefully influence those around me who are witnessing my interactions with students.

Between my first work experience, where I was a victim of lateral violence, and subsequent experiences, like interactions with students, I knew that pursuing my dream of being a nurse educator was a right fit. As an educator, being receptive and clothing oneself with qualities such as patience, kindness, and empathy benefits both the learner and the educator.

Creating a desire for students to transform potentially volatile workplaces into Colossians 3 environments begins with an educator who places these values upon him or herself and encourages learners, through examples of these biblical behaviors, to lead the way.

As Christians, we are called to reflect Christ's love. As we encounter people from many walks of life and faiths, we must aim to be faithful followers of Christ. Exhibiting gentleness, patience, kindness, compassion, and humility to all, no matter their beliefs, is one way to follow Christ's guidance and represent the Christian faith.

As an educator, through assisting students to develop confidence in their skills, as well as being a resource to others, more Colossians 3 environments can flourish. It is my goal to encourage educators, through both practice and actions, to build Colossians 3 environments that enhance our nursing profession.

Emily Pappa, MSN, RN, is a nurse educator who aims to inspire and encourage students to better themselves and their profession.

This content is excerpted from the author’s column in JCN, Leading Learners Via Colossians 3.

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