Hope in the Darkness

Sara Danielle Hill’s book, Hope in the Darkness (2019), provides a strong, biblical foundation for our faith and the opportunities we have to care for and support others: not through our own strength and wisdom, but leaning on the truth of Scripture, the Holy Spirit’s leading, and the reality of God’s call on our lives. Scripture is woven throughout the book, enabling the reader to go back and meditate on passages providing hope and truth in the struggles we face. The writing and the content are sound, providing much to reflect on in looking at our own practice and faith walk.

Addressing Difficult Topics

In her writing, Hill brings her background and expertise as a pediatric nurse with more than 10 years of practice as well as formative years she spent in Jakarta, Indonesia, where her parents served as missionaries. She addresses difficult topics such as the reality of sin; the brokenness of our world; and the impact of spiritual forces who exist seeking to steal, kill, and destroy not only our own lives but the lives of those in our care. Hill is open and honest about the challenges we face as believers and as men and women who work within healthcare. She is also unapologetic about the hope we have in Jesus Christ and the difference Jesus Christ can make in the life of someone who is willing to follow him.

Connecting to Strength

As believers in Jesus, we have been provided with spiritual disciplines that can equip and strengthen us in the work we do. Hill provides insight and practical information on a number of these including prayer, fasting, worship, memorizing Scripture, and being dependent on the Holy Spirit. We have connection to a source of strength much greater than our own. Hill reminds us of the reasons we have to hope and the promises we can hold onto as believers.

I especially appreciated the author’s courage and vulnerability in sharing the challenges she faces in her own practice. She speaks truthfully to each of us about the obstacles and hurdles we can create within our own practice. She is also candid about the struggles and complexity of what it means to be in a place of calling and the difficult choices we face as nurses. Hope in the Darkness is a book that would support and encourage nurses at any point in their careers.

Reviewed by Christy Secor, DNP, RN, CDWF, NCF Professional Ministries Director.

Hope in the Darkness is NCF’s celebration and support of nurses all through National Nurses Month. Find more articles, freebies, and encouragement throughout May.


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