Would you be willing to pray with a patient if you had more concrete ideas of how to go about it?

Mental health and illness remain a stigma even in the life of the church, but we can change that.


The journey of faith in nursing can be facilitated through a combination of discipleship and mentorship.

Hope, buoyed by faith and Christian community, sustains us when mental health is our struggle.

Nurses and faith communities have voices and power to advocate and act in God’s name for the oppressed in our own neighborhoods and cities.

“Beautiful and choreographed healing” can describe the health of our physical and church bodies when God is involved.

When our hearts are heavy from grievous events locally and globally, God hears and attends to our prayers.

A pediatric nurse confronts hard topics that wear down nurses and provides practical spiritual insights to thrive as nurses and individuals.

Each of us is trying to find footing, manage anxiety, and regain vision for our future. Some ancient letters offer us the best kind of help.

A look at the book, The Art of Dying: Living Fully Into the Life to Come, and how it can be applied to nursing.