2022 National Nurses Month: Hope in the Darkness!

2022 Resources from Nurses Christian Fellowship

Every year, National Nurses Month provides opportunities to honor the work of nurses as we remember the birthday of Florence Nightingale and her influence on our profession. This year, Nurses Christian Fellowship is launching a unique theme for nurses: Hope in the Darkness.  

On this page:

Why Hope in the Darkness? NCF wants to share with nurses the hope we have in relationship – with God, our colleagues, and the individuals and communities where we work and serve. We celebrate the hope and light of Jesus Christ that can never be extinguished and the influence of relationships in our lives and profession. Nurses Christian Fellowship is delighted to offer special resources on Hope in the Darkness. Come back regularly to get new Bible studies and other resources!

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Special Opportunities

1. Hope in the Darkness: Growing in Intimacy: Watch the third and final webinar of this year focusing on spiritual care for nurses. This series was provided by the Twin Cities NCF leadership team and was recorded on May 10, 2022, as part of NCF's National Nurses Month Celebration. Come and: 

  • Compare the impact of the characteristics of light and hope in the difficult situations we encounter.
  • Describe the wholistic impact of caring for ourselves spiritually.
  • Discuss the importance and value of relationship to our overall well-being.
  • Share personal examples of ways we have grown in relationship with God, our colleagues, and the individuals/communities we serve.
  • Reflect on the ways we can be light to others.
  • Commit ourselves to God’s call in our lives.

The video is available here along with the other two webinars from earlier this year. Note: 1.5 hours of continuing education is available for Minnesota nurses; Certificates of Attendance are available for nurses in other states. 

2. Night of Prayer for Nursing: Join other nurses and NCF staff for a special night of prayer for nursing on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 6:00 pm Central. Come and be blessed and encouraged! Learn more and register here.  

You can also download our special May 2022 Prayer and Praise reflection and calendar here, or submit a prayer request.

3. Free Access to the Journal of Christian Nursing April/June Issue: Check out the current themed issue that has timely topics for nurses! Featured articles include: breastfeeding infants for women with OUDchild abusecamp nursingnonsuicidal self-injurycaring for parents of a child with cancer, and promoting healthy lifestyles in women through faith-based outreach. Regular columns address forgiveness, spiritual care, nursing ethics, faith community nursing, Bible study, and more. Share with friends!

4. NEW from NCF -- Daily Hope Screen Savers. Members can download one or all of six cool mobile or computer Scripture screensavers as our gift to you! Log in here and get your screensavers today!


Hope From God's Word

NCF has prepared a series of Bible studies for Nurses Month, offering you living hope from the Word of God! Click on each pdf to open and download each study. Study alone or with a group! 

 Week 1 Hope in the Word.pdf- Psalm 119:105  



Week 2 Hope in God's Presence.pdf - Psalm 139:7 – 12



Week 3 Hope in the Light.pdf - 1 John 1:5-9 



  • Week Four: Hope in our Calling - Ephesians 1:18​  (coming soon!)

Week 5 Hope in Our Witness.pdf - Matthew 5:14 – 16



Christian Nurse Blog

Check out NCF's special blog posts during National Nurses Month for some great and encouraging stories.