Daily devotional life of Scripture and prayer

Being present, an intervention that can be demonstrated in countless ways, can be life saving.

How can a simple dinner invitation or an intentional conversation be shafts of God-light to neighbors and community members?

As faculty and staff return to campus, meditate on this prayer and all that God promises to those who trust him.

Permission to breathe, to celebrate, to grieve, to be present--sacred space is what God desires with each of us.

Gratitude is both a spiritual practice and a health-producing, research-supported mindset, even—especially—when life is dry and hard.

Knowing intellectually that God is a strong place of security is not the same as confidently acting on that fact.

Gaining spiritual strength and encouragement is a daily need for nurses.

Appreciating what God has made is a simple and powerful avenue of worship and wonder.

A poem by Grace Kelley

Hard times and suffering aren’t merely awful—God can produce GOOD through these when we exercise spiritual resilience.