Daily devotional life of Scripture and prayer

When our hearts are heavy from grievous events locally and globally, God hears and attends to our prayers.

Darkness can surround and seem to invade us, but our God overcomes the dark and brings us hope.  

In honor of National Nurses Month 2022, Christy Secor shares this prayer for nurses everywhere.

Easter washing over us stirs deep emotion, awe, and gratitude.

In whatever situation we find ourselves today, blessing is just waiting for us when we choose to speak to God.

Reacting to someone’s anger is a choice to reflect God by refusing to take offense.

Instead of setting goals for this new year, Christy Secor recounts life lessons learned and prayers for God to make the most of these experiences.

Revel in the light of Epiphany even when winter’s darkness seems so penetrating.

Christmas: A paradox where we commemorate the birth of a vulnerable baby while recognizing the immeasurable rule of God over every person and nation ever formed.

All of us have arduous, difficult, dreadful days. Here’s how to wait well in those times.