What Do NCF Groups Do?

Provide Community

  • Pray for each other, patients, co-workers, nursing leaders and nursing as a profession.  Give thanks and make your requests known to God.
  • Share personal and professional experiences, concerns and joys.
  • Study God's Word for wisdom, guidance, encouragement and growth.

Equip nurses to integrate faith and practice from a biblical, Christian perspective

  • Explore biblical foundations for nursing and nursing care.
  • Discuss nursing issues and ethical concerns as presented in Journal of Christian Nursing and other resources.
  • Learn how to give spiritual care. 

Reach out to others

  • Invite friends to NCF to investigate God. . . .
  • Share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with patients, families, and co-workers.
  • Mentor students and nurses who will lead the next generation of Christian nurses.

Note: We believe that NCF groups do not take the place of involvement in a local church where nurses are nurtured in faith among others in the Body of Christ.