FAQs for Nurses

Nurses Christian Fellowship Basics

How can I connect with NCF?

We would love to connect with you and share NCF resources! You can fill out the brief connection form here.

Do you have devotional resources for nurses?

Yes. Check out NCF Bible study resources to help you dig deeper into God's Word for your spiritual enrichment. Discover how following Jesus can make a difference in your nursing profession. Connect with NCF on Facebook for encouraging posts just for Christian nurses.

I’m interested in learning more about giving spiritual care. Can you help?

Caring for the spiritual needs of patients is an essential part of quality nursing care for the whole person. Nurses can learn how to assess a person’s spiritual health and give appropriate spiritual care with these resources.

I’m already a member of a professional nursing organization. Why should I consider NCF membership?

NCF is the only professional organization and Christian ministry for nursing. Our purpose is to equip and encourage nurses, students and  educators to integrate faith and nursing as they engage with God, his Word, his people, and his healing mission in the world. As a member, you’ll receive the Journal of Christian Nursing, the nation’s premier publication addressing the spiritual, ethical, and clinical issues, from a biblical, Christian perspective and many other benefits. Please join us.

Frequent Questions

Nursing is really stressful. What do you have that can help me?

Because nursing is so demanding, we encourage local NCF groups to gather for encouragement, prayer and outreach to other nurses who need support. Some of our Bible studies, such as What’s Vital?, address issues of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. The Journal of Christian Nursing offers many articles and resources to assist nurses in coping with the demands of their practice. We encourage nurses to join the NCF professional network to integrate faith and nursing practice. A one-year subscription to JCN is included in NCF member benefits.

I want to share my faith but I’m afraid it is frowned upon where I work. What can I do?

Talking about God and beliefs is not always frowned upon in healthcare. The Joint Commission requires spiritual assessment and care; it is part of holistic nursing. What is frowned upon is inappropriate proselytizing and faith sharing. Good spiritual care follows good assessment and taking care to follow the patient’s lead. NCF publishes best practices in spiritual care in the Journal of Christian Nursing. Search nearly any issue and find biblically-based articles on spiritual care. A good place to start is with the FAQs in Spiritual Care collection. 

I’m interested in a short-term mission trip. Does NCF have anything like this?

NCF does not sponsor any short-term missions programs, but we encourage nurses and nursing students to participate in short-term mission opportunities to expand their view of God’s global Kingdom. InterVarsity's Urbana student missions conference has strategic information about missions. NCF partners with the Global Missions Health Conference held each November in Louisville, KY. They have an excellent website for healthcare missions that provides resources and answer lots of questions. We also recommend the Christian Medical & Dental Associations short-term missions program, Global Health Outreach. Find out more about missions and missionary nursing.