Tabletop Discussions

NCF’s Tabletop Discussions are live open conversations about the challenges and frustrations we face as nurses in our faith and our practice. It’s an opportunity for us to be “real” with one another and provide support, encouragement, and Christian resources for nurses. As a member benefit, you can access past videos at your convenience. Members receive notification to register for upcoming events. 

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Be Still and Know - A Deeper Look at Psalm 46

March 2023

Psalm 46:10 tells us to “Be still, and know that I am God.” But that stillness means much more than being quiet or not taking action. In fact, this instruction feels counter-intuitive as we look around us and see mountains quaking, the earth giving way, and mountains falling into the sea. In this webinar, we’ll discover new insights and the meaning behind these very familiar words that can serve as a comfort and source of strength in the chaos we encounter. Access the discussion here.

Saline Taster: Living Our Calling as Salt and Light

December 2022

The purpose of the Saline Process is to equip Christian healthcare workers to be witnesses for Christ in their clinical settings. In this Saline Taster presentation, participants receive an overview of the principles and tools that can be applied in their interactions with patients and colleagues. After completing the Saline Process training, participants should be able to assess a patient’s attitude toward Christ and know how to respond appropriately, applying the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity, and respect. This biblically-based teaching emphasizes the role many individuals may play in a person’s journey to Christ as we live out our faith on a daily basis. Access the discussion here.

Boundaries - Navigating the Complexities of the Nursing Profession

August 2022

Faculty and nurses continue to face complex, challenging, and changing work environments. While we recognize the need for healthy boundaries in preventing burnout and compassion fatigue, we often struggle in setting those same boundaries. Past experiences, personal beliefs, institutional betrayal, and gaslighting can all play a role in the difficulties we experience. Join us as we discuss honestly how we can establish and honor the boundaries we need as individuals in a profession that continues to evolve. Access the discussion here.

The Power of Relationship - Sharing Our Stories of Difficulty and Hope

March 2022

Many nurses today feel they are not seen or heard. They are experiencing growing distance in their relationships with others and in their relationship with God. Nurses across the United States are sharing the weariness felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Scripture encourages us to “not lose heart.” How do we begin to address the weariness we feel in this season of trauma, loss, and continuous change? How do we live our lives from a place of hope? Join the conversation as we address these needs as well as the hope found in relationship and the healing presence of God in the secret places of our own hearts. Access the discussion here.

The Spiritual Discipline of Lament – Drawing Closer to God Through the Difficulties We Face 

December 2021

Mark Vroegop in his book Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament writes, “…lament is a path to praise as we are led through our brokenness and disappointment. The space between brokenness and God’s mercy is where this song is sung. Think of lament as the transition between pain and promise. It is the path from heartbreak to hope” (2019, p. 28). The spiritual practice of lament is a discipline many of us as believers in the United States have not been taught. Lament allows us to name our pain while also drawing us into a deeper relationship with God. Join us as we explore the need for lament and how we can begin to incorporate this practice in all we encounter as nurses both personally and professionally. Access the discussion here.

When the Journey is Too Much for You

August 2021

What great news to know the Father cares about us in every season of life -- during the good, the bad, and the ugly times. He understands and knows what we’re thinking and feeling. He’s the keeper of our souls. In this Tabletop Discussion, we’ll discuss places of pain and how to sustain our souls in healthy ways. Our key Scriptures will be Psalm 121:7 and Psalm 73:24-28. Access the discussion here.

Where Is God When It Hurts?

April  2021

Right smack in the middle of our painn, we may wonder if there even is a God? And, if there is, where is he? We may have been a believer in Christ for many years and when life's bottom falls out, our faith can severly tested. Unless we have been trained to process our pain well, we could despair. Naming and owning our pain right in front of God can be life sustaining. Let's explore together God's whereabouts when we are hurting. Access the discusssion here.

Jesus and Mental Health During a Pandemic

February 2021

As people of faith, we may be wondering, "Where is Jesus in the midst of all of this?" "Does he see us?" "Does he see me?" Together we will look at what Jesus is inviting us to as we seek health and wholeness from the inside out during this trying time in history. Access the discussion here.