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Nurses are wired to care—let’s recognize the older people around us who are starved for social connection and interaction

A patient’s example of faith bolsters a nurse when death comes close.

Nursing students are Lara Kaiser’s inspiration and motivation.

Nature as therapy is an evidence-based concept, and nurses would be wise to take advantage of God’s natural wonders.

Where does a Christian nurse take a stand when beliefs, views, and our own human pride create divisions at work, in communities, and in church?

Who can fathom what really took place first in a virgin’s womb in Nazareth and then in a stable in Bethlehem?

As a Christian college student, I longed to be used by God.

God in his mercy is shaping and changing nursing students’ lives, as evidenced at the recent NCF retreat (first in-person retreat post-COVID).

Approaching Christmas, here’s how to treasure all the moments of this season, not just the Instagram-worthy, wrapped-up-in-a-bow experiences.

Words of genuine gratitude to the volunteers who serve nursing and NCF.


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