Christian Nurse Blog

What do we hold onto when our life journey seems uncertain or the path is dark and lonely?

Nurses are wired to care—let’s recognize the older people around us who are starved for social connection and interaction

A patient’s example of faith bolsters a nurse when death comes close.

Nursing students are Lara Kaiser’s inspiration and motivation.

Nature as therapy is an evidence-based concept, and nurses would be wise to take advantage of God’s natural wonders.

Where does a Christian nurse take a stand when beliefs, views, and our own human pride create divisions at work, in communities, and in church?

Who can fathom what really took place first in a virgin’s womb in Nazareth and then in a stable in Bethlehem?

As a Christian college student, I longed to be used by God.

God in his mercy is shaping and changing nursing students’ lives, as evidenced at the recent NCF retreat (first in-person retreat post-COVID).

Approaching Christmas, here’s how to treasure all the moments of this season, not just the Instagram-worthy, wrapped-up-in-a-bow experiences.


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