Nursing Students

Student nurse groups have flourished and God is evident despite rapid changes on their campuses this spring.

Nurses care for others with compassion but we often don't take care of ourselves.

A nursing student chooses to take a risk and pray aloud for her fellow students. Was it worth it?

The antidote to incessantly hectic schedules is to stop and be still enough to discern God’s presence. 

Holding the shaking hand of a fearful patient and looking with mercy into the eyes of a desperate person—this is nursing with God-given grace.

A simple invitation can redefine a person’s life.

When Myriah, a nurse and campus volunteer, dreamed with college students about what ministry might look like on their campus, God unfurled his plan.

Nursing students rallied their campus in Florida for amazing prayer and worship on 9/11.

What does a seasoned nurse and educator say nurses should do to succeed in their practice?

Right now, new stories of origin are beginning as Christian nursing students reach out to fellow students on campus.