Seeing God At Work

Seeing God at WorkI’ve heard that you should measure what’s important, which is why twice a year we ask NCF student groups to complete a survey about their campus chapter. While the metrics are important to know the health of the groups and to plan for the future, the question I find most encouraging is, “How have you seen God at work in you and in your chapter this past year?”

This question doesn’t just give an idea of what’s going on in the group, it reveals answered prayer and the shift from a time of frustration to recognizing dependence on God. It can be easy to dismiss successes as insubstantial or to not attribute them to God. But this spring, responses have inspired me to feel hopeful.

God Sightings

Praise God with us as you read some of the “God sightings” from this spring's survey--be encouraged and celebrate with our student groups! This is just a sampling, but many others shared gratitude for growth in their groups and God’s faithfulness in bringing new leadership. More than anything, there’s an appreciation for an increase in community, sharing, and vulnerability that comes from weathering a storm together. Here are some observations from students that will bring you hope, encouragement, and even a smile:

  • People found NCF as a place to find community and connect their workplace calling with God's work in the world. It was very good to see people make these connections.
  • I've seen God at work through the perseverance of the NCF leaders. Despite the pandemic, tiredness, and lack of expected results, they persevered until the very end.
  • He has taught us that seeing fruit from planting seeds can take awhile, and that he measures faithfulness more than fruit. I’ve seen him bring Christian healthcare workers together and form connections out of nowhere—that’s so encouraging. I’ve seen healthcare workers become more bold and unashamed of the gospel. God has used one-on-one conversations to be more effective and impactful than large groups--people are craving heart-to-heart relationships and connections. 
  •  God has helped me be a leader in my group and pour into others the best that I can. 
  • The Blessing of the Hands for our graduating seniors is a new tradition where we’ve seen God move. 
  • What an amazing blessing to have found such an easy way to share Jesus with other nursing students! 
  • This year we've had several major prayer requests answered regarding families; this has been so valuable for the students' walk in sanctification and trusting God.

Growing Community, Faith, and Strength

These students and others have spiritually grown in ways they may not have expected! The relationships students are building with God and each other through all that nursing school can throw at them is strengthening them for the future. They’re expressing gratitude for growth and God’s faithfulness in raising new chapter leadership and an appreciation for an increase in community, sharing, and vulnerability that come from weathering storms together.  As these students have graduated or are preparing for the next semester, they’re encouraged by knowing a faithful and active God and appreciating the value of Christian nursing community wherever they go.

Katharine Provost, BS, MA, is a national campus staff minister working with and building up nursing students and faculty advisors all over the United States. Email Katharine if you’re a student or faculty member who wants to connect with others through NCF and connect with our Student Ministries outreach.



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