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Nursing school is strenuous. Striving through coursework, clinicals, finances, and everyday life can feel like an unceasing torrential storm demanding endurance and unwavering motivation. NCF’s Student Ministries staff are a “port in the storm” to uphold and empower students. Meet nurse practitioner Wendy, a new campus minister with NCF’s Student Ministries team.

Q. Describe your nursing background and current work.
A. I have worked in telemetry, care management, and administration. I am currently a nurse practitioner.

Q. How do you view ministry to nursing students? 
A. Nurses are considered the healers for the sick, and it’s so important that they relate to the ultimate healer, Jesus. I want to create an opportunity for students to see how nursing is a calling from God and how it influences their practice. Nursing school is difficult, but it is better in community.

Q. What’s your story about choosing to follow Jesus?
A. Jesus really chose me. I was very sick as a child, and medical professionals didn’t know if I would grow up with full mental capacity. My parents fed me drop by drop from a syringe when I could not be strong enough to suck on a bottle. When I was sick as a young child, I prayed to Jesus for healing, and he healed me. It was this simple childlike faith that first led me to Christ.

Q. Were you part of NCF as a nursing student?
A. Yes, I was a part of NCF as a student--it was crucial to have a group of like-minded nurses in order to share the hardships of nursing school and patient experiences with. The nursing college experience is different from the typical experience, as we see many hardships that other college students may not, so it was comforting to me to be amongst a group of folks that really understood our ultimate purpose on this earth.

Q. Any words of advice for nursing students?
A. Always ask good questions and build good relationships with your fellow students so that you may lean on each other for years to come.

Nurses Christian Fellowship helps students navigate the intensive learning process and find a foundation for life and nursing practice that’s centered in the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Student ministry chapters on campus and virtually bring nursing students together in authentic communities for Bible study, prayer, and community.

Through NCF, students can

  • be encouraged to grow in their faith in the context of nursing school.
  • be equipped to integrate faith with nursing through Bible studies and spiritual care resources.
  • be empowered to share their faith with other students and faculty.

Contact Jen Wojtysiak to get involved in student ministry as a student or faculty member.


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