Christian Nurse Blog

Darkness can surround and seem to invade us, but our God overcomes the dark and brings us hope.  

A mother praises nurses who radiated light, joy, and confidence as she navigated her son’s journey with osteosarcoma.

In honor of National Nurses Month 2022, Christy Secor shares this prayer for nurses everywhere.

A pediatric nurse confronts hard topics that wear down nurses and provides practical spiritual insights to thrive as nurses and individuals.

Nurses hold families’ grief, iPads for final good-byes, and dying patients’ hands; this family member is deeply grateful to nurses.

Transforming our workplaces to nurture rather than hamper students’ and new nurses’ professional flourishing is in our hands, via a Colossians 3 mindset.

“We need one another,” asserts a nurse who’s making a way to support other nurses.

Adventure and healthcare interweave so beautifully for nurses who diversify their skills and experience by serving at camp.

Easter washing over us stirs deep emotion, awe, and gratitude.

In whatever situation we find ourselves today, blessing is just waiting for us when we choose to speak to God.


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