Christian Nurse Blog

Because foundations were carefully constructed, communities of students and faculty at many nursing schools are sprouting up and growing spiritually.

Loneliness and social isolation can be deadly, but nurses can rally churches and communities to foster life-giving connectedness.  

The Golden Bone Award is just one of the ways we nurses can express and experience gratitude.

Santhiny Rajamohan’s own educational challenges and God’s Word in practice have shaped her perspective of teaching nursing students.

Nurse Karen Mace experienced crushing grief which she eventually allowed God to use in deepening her faith and expanding her care for others.

A nurse educator role models to students how to keep current on evidence-based practice by using a familiar tool.

How do we express to God the grief, frustration, and helplessness we and our colleagues have endured this year?

As nurses of faith, we can do hard things in the fullness of joy in Christ.

Practicing ethically isn’t easy and sometimes the simplest action can make or break a nurse’s career.

Midwives are a vital part of the healthcare landscape and this is their week!


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