Christian Nurse Blog

Why do Americans see us as highly honest and ethical? What makes a nurse “good” or “not so good”?

Reacting to someone’s anger is a choice to reflect God by refusing to take offense.

Being held by God’s powerful hands enabled Arhonda Osborne to become an encourager of other nurses and living out the vision God gave her.

A look at the book, The Art of Dying: Living Fully Into the Life to Come, and how it can be applied to nursing.

Where can nurses get facts and truth about COVID vaccination to avoid  sharing misinformation?

Instead of setting goals for this new year, Christy Secor recounts life lessons learned and prayers for God to make the most of these experiences.

Revel in the light of Epiphany even when winter’s darkness seems so penetrating.

How’s our communication going? Are we sharing truth in an insensitive, calloused way, or gently and lovingly, as Jesus would?

Christmas: A paradox where we commemorate the birth of a vulnerable baby while recognizing the immeasurable rule of God over every person and nation ever formed.

All of us have arduous, difficult, dreadful days. Here’s how to wait well in those times.


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