Christian Nurse Blog

Adventure and healthcare interweave so beautifully for nurses who diversify their skills and experience by serving at camp.

Easter washing over us stirs deep emotion, awe, and gratitude.

In whatever situation we find ourselves today, blessing is just waiting for us when we choose to speak to God.

Inner transformation is one way trauma can result in positive personal benefits. Here’s how nurses can profit from the hard things we’ve endured.

Nursing students, faculty advisors, and nurse educators can regain or taste for the first time the other-worldly peace God gives when we make time to listen and respond to him.

Each of us is trying to find footing, manage anxiety, and regain vision for our future. Some ancient letters offer us the best kind of help.

From first year students to practicing nurses and experienced educators, each of us needs and benefits from the practice of prayer.

Nurse groups take up the challenge to support students and faculty in a novel way.

Why do Americans see us as highly honest and ethical? What makes a nurse “good” or “not so good”?

Reacting to someone’s anger is a choice to reflect God by refusing to take offense.


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