Christian Nurse Blog

Seeking joy is a worthy aim, so how do hardship and suffering make any sense?

Breathing spiritually for a fellow Jesus-follower can renew their calling in Christ.

“Beautiful and choreographed healing” can describe the health of our physical and church bodies when God is involved.

Hope is rising and spreading through nursing students and faculty advisors in all corners of the country!

Nurses can change the landscape of mental health, one person at a time, including facing our own mental health needs.

Meet Wendy, another champion for nursing students through NCF.

Our responses to people faced with an unplanned pregnancy should mirror Christ’s action

Short, authentic prayers refocus purpose and presence in a hectic nursing environment.

A faculty advisor reflects on God’s support of nursing students during the pandemic and how students thrived despite difficulties.

 A faculty advisor to an NCF student group relates the thoughts and prayers that led to a new student group and God’s work among them.


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