Journal of Christian Nursing

For more than 30 years, InterVarsity has published a peer-reviewed quarterly journal for nurses, nursing students and educators. It is a valuable resource to promote on campus. The Journal of Christian Nursing provides a broad range of clinical, ethical and professional topics for nurses -- all from a biblical perspective.

Here is how JCN can enhance your staff work with nursing students:

Student TXT

Use these free JCN articles to prompt discussions about faith and nursing from a student perspective.

NCF Membership

Encourage your students to join NCF and become a member of the NCF professional organization at a greatly reduced rate for students. As a benefit of membership, they will receive the Journal of Christian Nursing to use in their studies and for their personal and professional growth.

View Currrent Issue

Visit the JCN website for the most recent content of new articles, features and resources.

JCN Discount for Staff

All InterVarsity Staff receive a one-year JCN subscription with the purchase of an annual discounted NCF membership for only $30.00 (62% off). Learn more about the value of NCF membership & email NCF for the discount code.

NCF Gift Memberships for nurses or nursing students are also available at a significant discount for InterVarsity staff (only $30.00). Email NCF to obtain the discount code & then visit the Gift Membership page to purchase.