2012-2013 Issue #1

Campus Vitals

Dear Student Leaders and Faculty Advisors

Thank you

Another year is underway!! Thank you for your vital role in NCF ministry on campus. We pray that your NCF community will reflect the grace and truth of Jesus to others at your school. We will regularly send you resources, leadership tips and spiritual materials for your mission on campus. Watch for Campus Vitals throughout the year!

--Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison


Holy Huddle or Witnessing Community?

Planning Meeting

Is your NCF chapter more of a "holy huddle" or a "witnessing community"? Watch this video about how the InterVarsity chapter at Tufts University became a witnessing community.

What is a witnessing community? NCF groups on campus are inclusive communities that invite students and faculty to discover who God is and how to have a personal relationship with him. Whether people are already Christians, or are just curious about Jesus, all are welcome to be a part of NCF! Together these students and faculty grow in their journey of faith and intentionally reach out to those who don't yet have a relationship with God. NCF equips students and faculty to integrate their Christian faith with nursing practice through Bible studies, spiritual care resources, and more. Dream big about NCF ministry at your school by watching this video: Nursing Students Called for a Purpose.

What is your next step? Pray with your leadership team of students and faculty and discuss the following questions:

  • How is God challenging you and your NCF community to move beyond a "holy huddle" this school year?
  • How will you reach out to your non-Christian friends in the months ahead?
  • What NCF events will focus on inviting those who have never attended NCF?
  • How can you be a welcoming place for all students?


Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk Your Way around Campus

Here's an idea to start the year: Gather with others from your group and do a prayer walk around campus. Afterwards talk about what you observed and how people responded when you offered to pray for them. Thank God for the ways he led you in your prayers and conversations.



NEW! Bible Study Resources


What's Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing The final four Bible studies in this 12-study series are posted. Plan to complete the series or use all 12 studies with new students entering the nursing program.

Applying the Bible to Nursing: Learn it and Live it! Here is a list of questions that can be applied to any Scripture passage or Bible study for those in nursing.

• How do you lead a Bible study? Check out the Inductive Bible Study Bookmark – a handy guide with tips on how to observe, interpret and apply God's Word.



Connect with NCF

Stay connected with NCF by becoming a member of our professional organization and receive the following benefits:

  • The Journal of Christian Nursing is a great resource for research papers and to help you develop your view of Christian nursing. Student discounted rate for 4 quarterly magazines plus all past issues online is $35 or online-only access for $25.
  • Charting the Way and NCF Connections – e-newsletters that include resources, information, and  stories applicable for Christian nurses.
  • Other discounts and the opportunity to network with Christian nurses.

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