What's Vital?

 In nursing school and in your nursing practice, you will be learning new skills and relating to others who are different from you. We hope you will also be growing in your spiritual journey. These Bible studies are designed to guide you as you grow personally and professionally.

Whether you meet weekly or monthly, your NCF group can integrate these studies with other times of prayer, sharing, and outreach activities. Invite your friends and classmates to explore the Bible with you and discover the riches of God's grace and truth for themselves.

Here are twelve Bible studies (PDF) designed for nursing students.

What Sets You Apart?

This study in Colossians 3 looks at some of the distinguishing attributes of a Christian nurse.

Called to Nursing Care

Find the heartbeat of God's compassion for those who are hurting in this Bible study from Isaiah 61.

Back in the Same Boat -- Again?

Long hours, the night shift and not much to show for their labors -- what can we learn from the followers of Jesus about what it means to be a disciple? Take a look in Luke 5:1-11.

Remaining in Jesus

How to grow spiritually and build a relationship with Jesus is the focus of John 15.

Stress in the Life of a Nursing Student

Take a look at how Jesus handled stress and what we can learn from his example in Mark 1.

Need a Break?

A glimpse of how God met the needs of a burned-out prophet helps us trust God for our needs and the needs of our patients.

Compassion Fatigue

The book of Philippians offers ideas for how caregivers can keep a healthy balance and prevent burnout.

Thirsty No More

Insights from John 4 help us in assessing the spiritual needs of patients.

Compassionate Care

Jesus identifies obstacles to providing excellent nursing care and addresses the ability to be compassionate.

Listening As Care

Good listening skills are an important part of quality nursing. See how Jesus assesses the listening skills of two of his devoted followers.

Coming Alongside Others

An odd story from Acts 8:26-40 demonstrates the importance of being prepared to mentor others, either spiritually or professionally, when the opportunity arises.

Servant Leadership

Psalm 23 offers insights into how nurses balance dual roles as both servants and leaders.

Enjoy the journey!