Nurses Christian Fellowship

About NCF

Jesus Christ is good news for nursing. Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) helps nurses, nursing students and faculty know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. NCF encourages them to live out this relationship in nursing, bringing God’s love and justice to nursing education and practice.

Christian Nurses Fellowship 1948Begun in 1948 as a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, NCF is both a professional organization and a ministry of and for nurses and nursing students. For more information about NCF, see our Purpose and Doctrinal Basis as well as a brief history. NCF began as a professional membership organization in April 2003.

NCF provides a local, regional, national and international network to bring the message of Jesus Christ and a Christian worldview to nursing education and practice.

•Local groups meet for prayer, Bible discussion, mutual encouragement and outreach.
•NCF staff and volunteers provide mentoring and help to develop campus chapters and community groups that are growing in love for God, and God’s word, people and purposes.
•NCF membership enables Christian nurses and students to officially identify with NCF’s mission and be linked for Christian influence in nursing.
•Partnership with NCF International enables us to link with Christian nurses in other countries to bring Jesus Christ to nursing world-wide.

NCF provides Christ-centered resources and programs that equip nurses and students for ministry in nursing, including spiritual care, ethics and a Christian perspective on nursing issues.

Whether you’re a nurse, nursing student or faculty, you’ll find more information in our menu on Bible studies, groups, publications and other resources.