Charting the Way

Charting the Way

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Charting the Way is a monthly e-newsletter exclusively for NCF members. As a member, you'll receive uplifting stories, inspirational articles, updates from the Journal of Christian Nursing, and news about how God is working in the lives of nurses and nursing students.

Journal Club is February 3rd! • What Are You Looking for in 2022? • Practicing as a Spiritually Healthy Nurse: February 15th • COVID Vaccination Quick Poll • Coming April 2nd - A Student Ministries Retreat • Pray in the New Year! 

December Tabletop Discussion • Give a Gift, Get a Book! • What a Difference a Bag Can Make • Faithful Waiting: A Lesson from Advent • Praying through Advent

ACEs Journal Club is Thursday! • COMING SOON: COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Article • Prayer Changes... Life • Joy or Happiness? • NEW from NCF: Spiritual Care FOR Nurses • December Tabletop Discussion • Webinars and Events

NCF Twin Cities Webinar Oct 19th • Journal Club Nov 4th • Tabletop Discussion Dec 13th • Inviting Others In • Helpful Webinars & Events • Explore All Membership Offers! • Keep Praying...

How Do We Survive? • Support Burgeoning Ministry! • Emotional PPE • Incredible Events • Ever Been a Camp Nurse? • Prayer Opportunities • Use Those Bennies!

What Comes First? The Praise or the Blessing? • Tabletop Discussion August 23rd • God at Work on Campus! • Who Will Reach Them? • Nurse Groups -- Safe Spaces, Honest Conversations • Add NCF to Your Resume • Prayer Opportunities • Access Your Great Member Benefits 

Don’t Miss July 29 Journal Club • Have You Defied the King? • God Uses Imperfect People • We Love Our New Membership System! • Mobile Health Apps and Privacy Concerns • NCFI Virtual World Congress • August Tabletop Discussion • Fellowship & Prayer Opportunities​

How Can We Fathom NCF’s Impact? • THRIVE: What I Wish I Knew About Nursing School • July Journal Club and the Next JCN! • Long Work Hours Really Hurt You • Improved NCF Member System! • Mentorship • Prayer Opportunities • Summer Conferences

Called to Care 3rd Ed. Releasing Soon • NCF Twin Cities Nurses Week Celebration • Celebrate the Nurse! • Faith Community Nurses: Be Counted! • Don’t Miss These Exceptional Conferences • Faith Building Opportunities 

Set Up to Fail? • Journal Club April 22 (1.5 hours NCPD) • Tabletop Discussion April 26 • Faith Building Opportunities • Evidence Reveals Spiritual Care Really Helps! • Looking for a Conference Experience? • Use Those Bennies!