October 2020 Campus Vitals

In This Issue:

  • Join us for the NCF Self-Care Evangelism Cohort!
  • Faculty Advisor Midday Prayer Meeting
  • Free Student TXT Resources
  • Free Journal Club October 15th!
  • Social Media Reminder
Fall is in full swing. Whether your NCF group is meeting on-line or in person, we are praying for you and your group this fall. If you haven’t launched or are unsure how to navigate the current campus realities please reach out to ncf@intervarsity.org. We would love to set up a 30 minute coaching call.

Join us for the NCF Self-Care Evangelism Cohort!

The NCF Self-Care Evangelism cohort is a national community for nursing students, NCF staff, volunteers, and faculty members who want to focus on growing in faith, leadership, and evangelism over the next three months. We will meet a total of 6 times. We will use the Self-Care proxe to take risks together in sharing the gospel on our campuses and in our social networks. We will try a new evangelism skill every week (e.g. making a call to faith). Every 2 weeks, we will meet for a 1-hour community debrief. Before each debrief, we will fill out a short feedback form to report back what we tried with the Self-Care proxe, how it went, ways we saw God move, and ways we felt stuck or challenged. As we test out the proxe, we expect to make mistakes and get coaching to improve our evangelism and leadership skills. If you participate, not only will you get leadership and evangelism development, you will get a free NCF T-shirt and water bottle too! Check out this video letting you know more! And then, register here!

Faculty Advisor Midday Prayer Meeting

We appreciate all that you do and we want to encourage you in prayer. Please join whenever you can on Friday this fall at 12:30 pm EST/11:30 am CST/10:30 am MST/9:30 am PST. We hope this will be an encouraging moment for you. We are thankful for all you do for NCF and for nursing students! Click here to join the prayer meeting.

Free Student TXT Resources

Check out the Student TXT collection from the Journal of Christian Nursing. There are 50 columns that cover a lot of good information related to students and nursing. You can add your own related scripture and for use in your NCF meetings.

Free Journal Club October 15th!

Reminding you that NCF would like to invite all Faculty Advisors and Student Leaders to join our virtual Journal Club event on October 15th, 2020 at 7:00 pm Central time--an exclusive benefit for members of NCF. We’ll focus on a critical topic for college campuses: flu vaccination. Meet other educators, Journal of Christian Nursing's Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor to discuss Interprofessional Collaboration Improves Uptake of Flu Vaccines On a College Campus; And, earn 1.5 contact hours of free CE! Email ncf@intervarsity.org and let us know if you would like to attend. If you would like to invite non-NCF member friends, please share this link to purchase tickets. Or, they can join NCF and attend for free. We hope to see you there!

Social Media Reminder

Don’t forget to join our Student Leader/Faculty Advisor Facebook page for additional updates and information. Also, follow NCF on Instagram to keep up with ministry happenings!

In Christ,

Student Ministries Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA