2018-19 Issue #4

Campus Vitals

In this Issue:

  • Action Required: End of Semester Survey - Due by 12/14/18
  • Campus Story: FHSU students are “Being the Light” at a very early hour
  • Leaders Corner: Easy and fun end of year ideas
  • Devotional: Stressed out? Find Comfort in God’s Care
  • Upcoming Opportunities: Last Call… Urbana Missions Conference

End of Semester Survey

chartingPlease have one person from your chapter take 5-10 minutes to respond to some key questions about your chapter from this past semester.

As we know that school gets busier in December, we’d encourage you to quickly complete this survey sometime this week. We are hoping to have all chapters respond before 12/14/18.


7:30amHas your group ever considered meeting at 7:30 am on Monday mornings? Most groups would probably avoid this time slot, but the students at Fort Hays State University have reactivated their chapter and and are working on Being the Light to their classmates.


cookiesWant to end the semester strong, but everyone is busy and stressed? Here are a few fun and easy ideas:

  • Invite everyone to an “exam cram”. Midway through studying, read a Christmas devotional like Mary’s Understanding or Incarnational Nursing.
  • Host a spontaneous gift exchange - have everyone bring one thing from their dorm room that they’d like to gift to someone else - no shopping required.
  • Is stress relieved by baking? Decorate homemade or store bought sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles.
  • Christmas carol in the dorms or school of nursing

Have more ideas? Please share them on the NCF Student Leaders Facebook Group.

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booksDo you sometimes silently wonder, Is God aware of how much pressure I’m under? Is he going to help me out? You can Find Comfort in God’s Care when you are stressed out.


Urbana 18

Last Call...
Discern your place in God’s global mission at Urbana 18, December 27-31, 2018 in St. Louis. NCF will host a lounge for students to process what God is saying to them about serving God in nursing or through healthcare missions. Partial scholarship assistance is available for pre-licensure students.