Encounters with Jesus

These InterVarsity Bible studies are great for virtual gatherings and can easily be downloaded as a set in PDF format. There are both Bible Study Guides and Leaders Notes for each of the eight studies. Please click here to download the PDF that includes all 8 studies with links to guides & notes. 

Here is a preview of the Bible Studies:

1. Jesus and Our Worries - Matthew 6:25-34

Like Jesus’ audience in this passage, all of us have worries that keep us up at night. Jesus assures us that he knows what we need, and promises to provide for us like the Father provides for the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. This gives us courage to respond to life’s problems in ways that don’t overwhelm us or keep us in a state of hopelessness. 

2. Jesus and Our Family - Mark 5:1-20 

When Jesus heals us, it is always in the context of our relationships: friends, neighbors, and family. In this story, Jesus heals a man and then sends him back home to his family to tell his healing story. For us, spending extended time with family can bring up many concerns as well as opportunities to pray for them and serve them

3. Jesus' Authority for Virtual Healing - John 4:46-54

Do we have faith that Jesus can bring healing to people we’ve been separated from by distance or circumstances? In this passage, a royal official comes to Jesus because his son is very ill. But instead of going with him, Jesus simply tells the man to go on his way and trust that his son will be healed. The man takes him at his word, and the healing happens. As believers, we need this type of power in our lives.

4. Jesus and Uncertainty - Mark 6:30-44

How can we minister to others when we feel like we have nothing to give? Hungry and exhausted, the disciples ask the Jesus to send the needy crowd away. But to their surprise, he tells them, “You give them something to eat.” If we want to love people like Jesus, then we must go to Jesus and ask him to help us feed the crowd. 

5. Jesus Breaks Through Isolation - Mark 1:40-45

Isolation can be painful. In this passage, a man’s illness caused physical, emotional, and social separation. But his encounter with Jesus changes everything. Instead of shunning him like the rest of the community, Jesus reaches out and touches him. In the same way, Jesus longs to reach out to us and bring healing that impacts every area of our lives. 

6. Jesus Sends the Comforter - John 14:25-31

We need the Comforter—the Holy Spirit. As Jesus leaves the disciples to be with the Father, he doesn’t leave them empty-handed. He gives them, and those of us who follow him, the Holy Spirit. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the “comforter,” who will teach us everything, remind us of Jesus’ words, and give us the type of peace that our world desperately needs. 

7. Jesus Heals Our Family - Luke 4:38-41

Can Jesus bring healing to your family? The disciples leave everything they have to follow Jesus, and one of the first things the he does is heal Peter’s mother-in-law. He cared about his disciples’ families. He listened to Peter’s concerns and brought healing to his household. Jesus doesn’t forget our family. Let’s be like Peter and the disciples and invite the Lord to bring healing. 

8. Jesus and Our Fears - Mark 4:35-41 

Fear is a powerful emotion that can take over our lives. What do you do when things feel like they are spinning out of control? In this passage, the disciples are caught in a life-threatening storm. In the midst of that situation, they learn that Jesus has authority to calm the storm. In the same way, Jesus is able to rebuke the storms in our lives and take away our fears.