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2021 HMA National Conference 

DATE: September 26 - 28, 2021

LOCATION: Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center, Techny, IL

DESCRIPTION: Wisdom is seeing and understanding life as a whole. Wisdom is gained through experience, acquisition of knowledge and honing the ability to apply that knowledge with good judgment. When professions and communities share wisdom, this ideally results in a common vision. That common vision fosters the development of a unified voice. The ministry of creating healthier communities is an ongoing process in which we are continually growing in wisdom. Sharing that wisdom provides the inspiration, guidance and tools to encourage and sustain faith leaders, faith community nurses and lay health ministers in fostering body, mind and spirit health.



Global Missions Health Conference 

DATE: November 12-14, 2020

DESCRIPTION: The 25th Anniversary GMHC (2020) is coming and we're already planning and developing this experience with quality and excellence so you can connect and learn along with thousands of other people interested in healthcare missions.  We're excited about the variety of speakers, wide range of exhibiting organizations, and some special new events. We look forward to seeing you next November.  

LOCATION: Louisville, KY

MORE INFORMATION: Medical Missions GMHC 2020

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