Healing Encounters with Jesus

Jesus was more than just a great teacher and a strong moral influence for the people who crowded around him long ago. His power to heal demonstrated his divine identity and intended mission. With compassion and dignity, Jesus brought health and wholeness to the sick and suffering. People who encountered Jesus were never the same again.

How do we encounter Jesus today? Invite your friends, classmates or coworkers to discuss these stories using the questions designed for those in the nursing profession. Learn how to do a nursing assessment on characters from the Bible and how to apply Scripture to nursing by putting faith into practice. 

Healing Encounters Bible Studies:

A Touch of Love

Jesus is not timid about touching someone with a repulsive illness in this story from Luke 5:12-13. [Download PDF]

Paralyzed No More

Often a person's physical needs are obvious, but how do nurses learn to identify spiritual or non-physical needs? See how Jesus intervenes to treat a quadriplegic in this story from Luke 5:18-26. [Download PDF]

An Embarrassing Problem

How does Jesus handle a woman's chronic health issue in public? See how she approaches Jesus and talks with him about a very personal concern in Mark 5:25-34. [Download PDF]

Just Say the Word

An influential man who is outside of the faith community comes to Jesus with a critical request. See what Jesus does for this unlikely person in Luke 7:1-10. [Download PDF]

The Blame Game

From a nursing standpoint, what can we learn from Jesus when a man is blamed for causing his illness? See how Jesus responds in this story from John 9:1-7. [Download PDF]

Seeing and Believing

Take a closer look at how Jesus interacts with a blind man who was persistent in asking for help in this story from Luke 18:35-43. [Download PDF]

Hope for the Helpless (part 1)

Jesus takes the initiative to intervene with a helpless and hopeless invalid. [Download PDF]

Hope for the Helpless (part 2)

See how Jesus offers holistic care for a man who needs more than just physical healing but is reluctant to change his ways. [Download PDF]

A Chart of Healing Encounters

This chart identifies 33 stories of healing in the New Testament through the nursing lens of assessment, intervention, outcome and the role of faith.

For more Bible studies integrating nursing and faith, see What's Vital: Following Jesus in Nursing.