Nurses: We All Need Support

Supporting. Strengthening. Mentoring. Growing. These are reasons why Sharon Allen started a group for nurses in 2018. As a FNP and a clinical instructor for nursing students, Sharon realized the students she worked with needed a lot of support. “In my FNP work, “ she said, “ I also realized other [practicing] nurses I worked with needed some type of support.”           

Since Fall 2019, this nurse group has been under the auspices NCF. COVID moved their meetings from a local library to the virtual world as more nurses reached out, wanting support and encouragement personally and professionally.

The group studies the Bible together weekly. “About 15-20 consistently come; we have 60 nurses involved altogether,” Sharon says. Sharon and one other nurse lead the studies. “We ask, how does this text relate to our role as a nurse. Then we discuss the passage and pray together.” A recent study in 2 Corinthians speaks about not losing heart—so relevant for every nurse.

“Nurses in our group say this time studying, praying, and interacting with one another is increasing their faith, making stronger their relationships with Christ.” Some nurses didn’t have a regular prayer habit—that’s grown too.

One of the leaders who loves to lift up others sends out a daily (Monday-Friday) text of encouragement and hope to the whole group. “This gets a lot of response. One nurse forwards the text to her family and others. It’s a blessing, the Word of God going out to many people.”

Serving also defines this group. One member has a community outreach ministry that the nurse group members take part in once a month, giving out food, toiletries, and prayer for people in the community.

“We all need one another,” Sharon affirms. “If you’re a Christian nurse, at your job you may be the only Christian there.” This group soaks in the hope of God through their time together so they can spread it around their workplaces and communities.

Need support? Sense God is spurring you to start or join a nurse group? NCF is here for YOU.

Sharon Allen, MSN, FNP, RN, is also certified Christian counselor. Her book, The CALLED NURSE: A Chosen People On A Kingdom Assignment, is available on Amazon.



I think this is more of what the world needs. We really do all need one another. God is LOVE, and to be able to share that love and experience it through His Word is amazing. Let's all try to reach out to each other in more ways than one. Prayer is POWERFUL! May God bless you all! ❤

Thanks for your comment, Sharon. We're blessed as nurses to have Christ and our family in him for support; so many nurses don't have that. Your suggestion to reach out--especially to nurses who don't have the hope we have--is excellent.

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