Resuscitated NCF Group Thriving

NCF group“Meeting in the air,” seeing God answer prayers, and faith that edges out insecurity: These are some of the benefits Shoshana Salgado-Muniz, RN, BSN, PHN, has gained through the NCF nurses group she’s involved with in Sacramento, California.

“Just the fact that this group exists is an answer to prayer,” Shoshana said. “I didn’t know if people would attend or how it would all happen. I felt insecure, but I had faith that God would work it out, and it looks like he has.”

Since bringing back to life a defunct NCF nurses group in Sacramento late last year, Shoshana has been using the Punchbowl app to invite nurses to monthly meetings. Recently 19 nurses showed up. The group is diverse, including a retired nurse, a nurse practitioner, and nurses from Fiji and Kenya. “At our last meeting, a nursing student came too,” Shoshana said. “It was great to be able to offer her advice and pray for her.”

The nurses share what God has been doing in their lives and careers, express prayer concerns, engage in a short Bible study, and eat a potluck meal.

“Praying is the part I’m so excited about,” Shoshana related. She experienced the power of God answering prayer when she first attended a group in Castro Valley as a fresh nurse graduate.

The meetings were so helpful to her, she said, because they focused on nursing and related prayer requests. “I felt more comfortable in that group talking about my career and needs.”

After moving to Sacramento, Shoshana identified more answered prayer when she spontaneously encountered another nurse in her neighborhood clubhouse. Shoshana was wearing a shirt with the name of her healthcare organization, which was recognized by Kathy Gordon, also a Christian. Kathy joined with Shoshana in starting the nurse group.

The group keeps connected and caring through their “meeting in the air,” a daily reminder at 6 pm that they programmed into their phones. When the reminder chimes, they pray for each other.

Shoshana is thankful and rather awed at God’s work. “I’m hoping this is just the start; I know he is capable of anything. We’re going to get deeper into God’s Word, connecting and growing this group of nurses as much as we can,” she concluded.


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