New Bible Studies Now Online

We live in a society of comparison, judging ourselves against others without taking the time to understand their perspectives. Comparing and judging—which come naturally to our human selves—are in opposition to the ways Jesus interacted with people. So how do we change our perceptions to mirror his?

That topic is one focus of six new, concise Bible studies written by NCF staff. These studies open up Scripture to examine how to live out Micah 6:8— to act justly, to love mercy and to walk faithfully with God. The second study, Act Justly, Part 2, addresses our tendency to compare and judge, and discusses how Christ interacted justly with others. 

While written for nursing students, these studies are packed with biblical truth that is valuable to any nurse or Christ-follower. Nurses who mentor or precept students can make use of these studies. Each study zooms in on specific Scripture and applies it to healthcare settings and situations where Jesus demonstrated acting justly, showing mercy, or walking faithfully with God.

Spread the word about these free downloadable studies. Use them yourself to renovate your mindset and invigorate your witness among co-workers, patients, and others you meet throughout the day. A set of Leader Notes is also available at the same link.


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