Need More Hope?

We’re moving through a profound season of political turmoil, a national racial reckoning, and the end stages of a pandemic. These calamities have brought disruption into the world, our communities, friendships, families, and our internal well-being. As we wonder how to feel our feelings and be resilient in a new normal, it helps to look to people who have gone before us into seasons of trouble.

Hope: Studies in Spiritual Resilience is a short, downloadable series of Bible studies based on are excerpts of letters from the first parents of Christian faith to communities of new Christians. All were experiencing trial, hardship, famine, persecution, and even plagues.

These small group Bible studies (which can also be done solo) point us and our communities towards Jesus and our neighbors in this time of trouble. We feel the temptation to enter into denial or panic, to self-medicate or self-soothe. Going to God and intimacy, yielding to God’s leadership, and practicing faithfulness to lead in the places God has called you develop resiliency and helps us become who God has called us to become.

May the Holy Spirit‘s voice through these ancient words mentor us as we hold our souls and each other.

NCF and InterVarsity have many free spiritual care resources, from Bible studies and weekly live online prayer gatherings to online events, e-newsletters, and the Journal of Christian Nursing.

Membership in NCF opens up more free personal and professional resources and tools.


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