Christian Nurse Blog

One of the founding nurses at the first holistic hospital-based hospice in the United States recalls the impact of Christian nursing care on individual patients.

How do we adequately recognize our colleagues and peers as nurses who press on?

Grow your caregiving nature: Engage your mind and heart with more faith in who God says you are.

Nursing’s history is resplendent with the influences of Christian men and women who innovated, championed, and stood firm in faith and focus.

How can a community of praying nurses influence our lives and our work?

Do your efforts to serve God seem puny and insignificant? What does God think?

Some patients trigger reactions in our conscious or unconscious selves; the result may harm or hamper proper nursing care.

Cultivating gratitude accentuates our reflection of Jesus and invites others into our story. 

If Jesus came to set us free, why are we not at peace?

Navigating complex ethical situations requires self-awareness and firm footing based on Jesus’ love.


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