Come and See: An Invitation

When I was a freshman at UW-Stevens Point, a senior invited me weekly to Bible study and to hang out with her. She invited me often, again and again, even when I said no. I knew she genuinely cared about me and wanted to be friends because she didn’t JUST invite me to Bible study, she invited me to ice cream and to her parents’ house for dinner. 

Because of her, I started attending the Bible study she was leading. The next year I led the study, and the following year I was a leader for our InterVarsity chapter. Here I am, 22 years later...still involved in the ministry of InterVarsity. Her invitation changed my life. 

Inviting others is a pattern Jesus demonstrated. In John 1:35-42, we see him inviting John and John’s disciples. He invites them to come and see. Like my friend’s invitation, Jesus’ invitation to these men changed their lives. They “came and saw” and gave up their professions and followed Jesus until the end of their lives. 

In the midst of a busy season, let us not forget that a simple (and sometimes persistent) invitation might be life changing to the people around us. Who can you invite to “come and see” Jesus at your NCF meeting or to eat a meal with you? 

Jen Wojtysiak, BS, ThM, invites students to Bible studies, to personal conversations, and to investigate Jesus. Jen is NCF’s Student Ministries Director and lives in Wisconsin.

Students: Click here for a 15-minute Bible study for you can use to lead fellow students through in John 1:35-43.

We invite you to discover more about NCF. Students, look here for resources and groups near you. Professional nurses, access these NCF groups and materials to empower your integration of faith and practice. 


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