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NCF at NSNANSNA Update #2:

Pray this week for Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, JCN editor, as she talks with nursing students and represents NCF and JCN April 6 – 10 at the 2011 National Student Nurses Association annual convention in Salt Lake City, UT. Ask God for conversations with students that will reflect his heart for healing and wholeness.

GraduateWe're celebrating nursing students who are graduating and following Jesus into the nursing profession. Well done!

"This can be a difficult time as new graduates take their licensure exams and start new positions," said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. "We want to help with this transition so they can have a positive influence as Christian nurses."

GVSU studentsby Curt Kuiper, InterVarsity staff

NJCF"Be transformed; transform nursing." That's the tag line for the new NCF student group launching at The College of New Jersey. Morgan Hennessey is a student leader with a vision.

ClassroomBy Renee Lick, NCF staff

Students, how can you sow seeds for the gospel in the classroom, or share Jesus with your professors?

UW Badgers FootballWhat do nursing students have in common with football players and political protesters? They’re all making news just miles from our NCF office in Madison, Wisconsin. The UW Badgers football team is raising money for the nursing school on campus.

by Tara Trester

An event from my junior year pediatric rotation left a big impression. I observed nurses in the pediatric intensive care unit caring for a patient hospitalized due to a drug overdose. The patient was comatose and on a ventilator. One particular nurse sat at the nurse's station loudly discussing the patient's condition, adding her personal opinion that no additional efforts should be made to care for this patient because the state was paying for the care.

NCF staff Skip McDonald and Renee Lick welcome students starting a new semester of nursing school. They offer suggestions for staying refreshed in body, mind and spirit while in school.

UT TylerPRAISE GOD for the NCF group at UT Tyler and the student leaders Alyssa, Salem, Caitlan, Brittani, Fran and faculty advisor Belinda Deal. Congrats on renewing your NCF chapter affiliation. We are praying for God’s love, grace and truth in your nursing school.