Campus Vitals

Campus Vitals is an e-newsletter for student leaders and faculty advisors. It is filled with ideas and resources for campus ministry. To receive this e-newsletter, please contact NCF. Articles of interest from past issues of Campus Vitals: Honoring Seniors. If your address has changed, please use the Update Contact Information Form.

Formally Affiliate • What Matters? • Actively Respond • Pray for your campus • Pass on Leadership • World Student Day • NSO Successful • Fighting Human Trafficking

Discipleship Cycle • New Student Outreach • Discipleship Resources • 2012-2013 Summary
Wrapping Up • Honoring Seniors • New Grad Offer • JCN on the iPad
Passing the Baton • Charting your Chapter • Unpacking Urbana • Start Something New • JCN Coming to the iPad!
Urbana 12 • Lighten Up • Ideas for Meetings • Answering Tough Questions • Don’t Forget
Planning Meetings • Evangelism Resources • Chart Your Chapter Form
Holy Huddle or Witnessing Community? • Campus Prayer Walks • New Bible Study Resources