Working Abroad with Purpose

Working Abroad with Purpose covers twelve practical steps for a tentmaker including finding employment abroad, discovering opportunities for Christian witness, and preparing for retirement. Author Glenn Deckert illustrates the steps from his personal experience in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East.

Having employment not only preempts unhelpful suspicion but embeds one in the society for deeper cultural understanding. Contracted employment, whether in a country easily accessed or one called limited-access, facilitates essential permits and entry. The handling of disruptions foreigners sometimes face in faraway places due to political developments, the need for further study, or family needs is illustrated.

Some of the steps overlap with those of a traditional missionary such as securing prayer support, settling on appropriate housing, and tackling a new language. By contrast, the tentmaker’s approach largely bypasses fund raising and avoids the awkwardness of long-term residence in the host country without any apparent source of income.

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